Juan Salgado, Instituto del Progreso Latino

In this episode, we speak with Juan Salgado, President and CEO of Instituto del Progreso Latino. Juan has led Instituto through a 15-year period of national award-winning recognition and growth by establishing best-practices education and workforce development. In 2015, Juan was selected as a MacArthur Fellow, also known as the Genius Award, recognizing his strong community leadership and innovative approach to education in the Latino immigrant community.

We learn about:

  • Instituto’s services and approach to supporting community
  • Juan’s perspective on learning to lead
  • The value of informal mentorship, and
  • The importance of investing in the Latino communities across the region

Notable resources:

MacArthur Foundation - MacArthur Fellows, Class of 2015

University of Chicago, To & Through Project

Matt Desmond, Evicted

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me

To learn more about Instituto, visit: institutochicago.org

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