Michelle Morales, Mikva Challenge

Today's episode features Michelle Morales, Executive Director of the Mikva Challenge – a youth serving organization that is challenging the status quo and helping young people develop into informed, empowered, active citizens and community leaders.

Michelle became the Executive Director of Mikva Challenge about a year and a half ago, bringing with her over 18 years of experience in youth development to the organization.

We Learn About:

  • Mikva’s efforts to demystify civic and political engagement, as well as activate youth voice in community change
  • Michelle shares what inspires her about youth work, and how they are breaking down barriers that allow youth to flourish, and
  • We dig into some interesting reflections on how she’s evolving her leadership and management style; along with her perceptions of gender dynamics in leadership

Notable Resources:

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Letter to My Son

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change Management

To learn more about the Mikva Challenge, visit: mikvachallenge.org

To support Mikva's mission, Click Here to Donate